Goodbye Forever is an indie rock band from Vancouver, BC. They write songs about cults, alien invasions, and the end of civilisation as we know it, but the songs always end up being about people in all their flawed people-ness instead. The band is comprised of Australian singer-songwriter Ellen Kibble (Guitar/Vocals), actress Emily Haine (Bass/Vocals) and producer/engineer Curtis Mazur (Drums).

Silent Spring is Goodbye Forever’s first EP. It’s sparse but rich. It has space between the notes, and feeling between the lines. It is poetic. It is intimate but universal. It’s your new post-apocalyptic soundtrack.

The band is forever grateful for the work of artists like PJ Harvey, Sharon Van Etten, Kate Bush, Julie Doiron and Judee Sill, and could not exist without the careers of the incredible women who paved the way. They are similarly indebted to the songwriting of The Go-Betweens, John Cale, Townes Van Zandt, Sparklehorse, Bill Fay, Damien Jurado, and The Mountain Goats.

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